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Shawn Mendes Slid Into a Fans DM’s for THIS Reason!

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Shawn Mendes just slid into a fan’s DMs and no, sadly it wasn’t mine. I probably wouldn’t be able to speak right now if it were me.

What’s up guys? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and we know Shawn has a close relationship with his fans AKA the Mendes Army, but he just took things to a whole new level with one fan.

While we assume Shawn is probably busy hanging out with Camila Cabello somewhere, he apparently has made time to browse through his millions of mentions on Twitter because one fan image caught his eye.

The image is this pic of him with a butterfly tattoo edited onto his arm.

And it seems like Shawn loved the design because he actually ended up reaching out to the fan to get a photo of the artwork!

He tweeted quote, “Wait this is awesome, can u DM the drawing ??”

And while we knew Shawn was no stranger to tattoos, I didn’t know he’d go as far as DMing with a fan for new ideas.

So obviously the fan, who’s name is Kayla, slid into Shawn’s DMs giving Shawn and the people what they want.

Because who would pass up the opportunity to talk to THE SHAWN MENDES?

Here’s how the conversation went down.

He asked quote, “Can you send me a real photo of that butterfly tattoo?”

Obviously she went and found the original photo and then Shawn asked quote, “how’d you get it on the photo of me?”

It seems like he was a little confused, but he’s perfect in every other way ok? I mean, we aren’t all editing masters and clearly he’s not big on photo editing apps because, like, he’s so perfect and doesn’t need to edit.

Kayla then went on to explain that she used an app called picsart and they shared some laughs back and forth.

Kayla even scored a follow back from Shawn, is this the start of a beautiful friendship? I think so! Ugh, I can’t!

If Shawn actually gets this tattoo this might be the most incredible fan story ever.

But I want to hear what you guys think.

Do you think Shawn should get this butterfly tattoo? And how would you totally lose it if he ever tweeted at you and slid into your Dms?

I know I would.

Let me know what you think down in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Shawn Mendes Slid Into a Fans DM’s for THIS Reason!

  1. Yeah so he dmed someone who photoshopped a tatoo on his arm… big deal. its not like he “slid into their dms” asking for pics or somethin like that smh. and he probably aint ever gonna do it again. now fans are all gonna be dming him pics of photoshops hoping he’ll respond. like its honestly not that big of a deal stop using him for clickbait.

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