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10 Celebs Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognizable

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10 Celebs who has gained and lost A LOT of weight.
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The entertainment business can be a cruel world sometimes. Hollywood has an expectation when it comes to appearances. Who do we blame for that? Big wig executives, or us as a society? If a woman is bigger than a size two, then she is ridiculed and called fat, ugly, and so on. If a man has anything but washboard abs and solid pecs, then he gets called names as well. Because we idolize skinny and built Hollywood celebrities, we reflect our own insecurities onto others. So, when you’re a celebrity who is bigger, it seems that you’re putting yourself in a spot to be ridiculed and mocked. Granted, these celebrities managed to create their own success from their size. Yet, eventually many overweight celebrities go on a journey to lose weight. The result? They end up looking completely different from what they were before. There’s lots of benefits to dropping weight, including better health…so these celebs are reaping all sorts of rewards!

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5 thoughts on “10 Celebs Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognizable

  1. When do humans stop nagging about bodyshape?
    Its never good enough and you are always to thik or to thin.
    I do suport a healty bodyshape but that is personal to anny body.

    Gees, how we look at seleberties is at the same time how we look at other woman.
    And yes…in a healty lifestyle a glass of soda and a cookie fit too.

    Hollywood is showing us the most extream of the extream…but all we can do is nag, nag and nag some more in stead of looking at them like real humans in stead of a “god”.

  2. I mean THICC IS the new fashion these days so only people in the media and hollywood would really care if you gain weight and you aren’t “thin”

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