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Affairs That Left Celebrities Jobless in Hollywood

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The aftermath of adultery isn’t pretty for anyone involved, but when it’s a celebrity who’s supposedly done the dirty deed-ing, things can get especially messy. From Oscar-winners to TV stars, and singers to sports icons, these celebs paid the price for their romantic slip-ups with their Hollywood careers.

Meg Ryan was one of America’s most in-demand sweethearts of the silver screen starring in rom-coms like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail. But her girl-next-door image was completely sullied when rumors emerged about a tryst with her Proof of Life co-star Russell Crowe which was publicly perceived as the reason she divorced her husband of nine years, Dennis Quaid. She denied the speculation, telling Harper’s Bazaar,

“My marriage was breaking up long before it became a matter of public discussion.”

Though there may be plenty of blame to go around, it was Ryan’s career that really hit the skids. Proof of Life bombed at the box office, and the Golden Globe-nominated actress has yet to wield the marquee status that made her a household name in the ’90s.

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10 thoughts on “Affairs That Left Celebrities Jobless in Hollywood

    1. TheNewyorkdragon -I see what you are saying man, let the acting speak for itself and let them alone to live in peace when out away from the camera.

    2. You’re all idiots. Try living your life under a microscope and have people judge your every move because you’re famous and TMZ & the paparazzi follow your every move. You guys don’t know shit about what these people do with their lives!! You only know what you’re told by people trying to make money. You are all fools!!!

    3. Sharon Jensen talentless? You’re crazy! There are TONS of very talented actors these days! Paul Dano, Paul Giamatti, Adam Driver, Siorse Ronan, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy list goes on. Get with the times!! Only old people and people out of touch say stupid shit like that.

  1. Tiger Woods, hmm ,was taught from a very young age, how to play the game of golf, but no one taught him how to say no to busloads of beautiful women, and offers, not saying he didn’t F up, but no one taught him how to say no, and how 2 handle his wealth and popularity, These girls will sit on laps in front of their wives ,they don’t care, I guess I could say, gold diggers, being a woman I’ve had girls do this to my husband, and he’s not rich or popular, LOL in my book he is,❤️ but a ho will be a ho

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