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Liam Hemsworth Spotted RINGLESS & Having Fun Post-Miley Cyrus Divorce!

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How’s it going everyone it’s Erin Robinson back here with Clevver News! And if you haven’t picked up my accent yet, well I’ll just give it to you straight… it’s Australian, so of course I was going to bring you this HAPPY news about Aussie Liam Hemsworth!

The only thing Liam has posted on his IG since the split has been an informal statement about his split from Miley and a promo picture for his latest film!

Now if you haven’t been following one of the saddest breakups of all time… well I’m here to enlighten you!

For 10 years Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth dated on and off, with Miley going off the rails a few times and coming back to Liam’s arms for a more stable and calm lifestyle! They got married in December of 2018 in an intimate ceremony at their home in Tennessee!

Fast forward a few months of what we thought was marital bliss and then in AUGUST… BAM we are hit with these headlines: “Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split After Less Than A Year Of Marriage.” “Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth SPLITSVILLE… Less Than A Year Of Marriage.”

THEN she released her gut-wrenching song “Slide Away” which basically was about her and Liam’s tumultuous relationship that included drugs, booze and city lights.”

“Why don’t you slide away back to the ocean I’ll go back to the city lights.”

And if you haven’t been keeping up with Miley just being Miley, well soon after the announcement of their split…she was on a yacht in Italy with Brody Jenner’s ex Kaitlynn Carter!

The two were showering each other in PDA and have been joined at the hip ever since! After the pictures of them kissing on the boat surfaced, reports came out that Liam had filed for divorce!

They’ve continued to pack on the PDA this week at New York City Fashion Week.

Wednesday night they were spotted at a NYFW event in SoHo and apparently, they were all over each other.

But obviously they are no strangers to PDA.

We all remember last month when everyone was reporting that the new lovebirds were seen quote “basically having sex” at a club in West Hollywood.

And just a couple days ago, their relationship went to the next level on Instagram.

Kaitlynn actually posted her first public comment on Miley’s IG post and the internet lost all chill over her response.

Tons of celebs were commenting on the post like Tana Mongeau who called Miley an icon. The most attention is on Miley’s new love interest, Kaitlynn’s comment.
(screenshot Tana comment)

Kaitlynn wrote quote, “dear god 🤤” with the drooling emoji and her comment has gotten over 3,500 likes and counting.

The fan responses to Kaitylnn’s comment are rolling in like crazy.

But aside from some PDA and the IG love, Miley and Kaitlynn are taking their relationship to new levels in a lot of different ways.

They attended the VMAs together, where Kaitlynn supported Miley backstage ahead of her first live performance of “Slide Away,” which as we already, discussed is about Liam.

They were reportedly sharing kisses backstage prior to Miley taking the stage!

And Kaitlynn’s even been spending time with Miley’s family which we KNOW means this is the real deal. Kaitylnn, Miley, and Miley’s mom Tish Cyrus hit the afterparty scene after the VMAs!

But that’s not all, over Labor Day weekend Miley and Kaitlynn were spotted at lunch with Tish, so it seems like Miley’s got her mom’s approval.

And just last week Us Weekly reported the two had originally started off as friends but then developed feelings for each other.

A source told Us magazine that quote, “Miley feels she can totally be herself with Kaitlynn, and is really comfortable around her.”

And People reported that Miley and Kaitlynn have actually moved in together too.

And I’m not here to judge, when you know, you know.

An insider told People that quote, “They live together and are very happy. Miley is doing great. She is moving on. She seems to have no regrets. She loves being with Kaitlynn.”

And a source also told E! News that quote, “Miley and Kaitlynn have been inseparable for almost two months. Kaitlynn has been a huge support system for Miley and they haven’t left each other’s sides. Their relationship is getting more serious.”

And all of that is just great to hear, we are just happy they are both happy and that Liam seems to be happy too, that’s all the matters.

But I want to hear from you guys.

Were you excited to see Liam happy and with his fam? And do you still ship Miley and Kaitlynn?

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5 thoughts on “Liam Hemsworth Spotted RINGLESS & Having Fun Post-Miley Cyrus Divorce!

  1. I hope they both heal and find all the happiness they want.
    Hopefully Miley’s new relationship doesn’t turn into a rebound thing.

  2. There you go Liam. Miley ain’t the only one that can live her best life after the split. Liam ain’t moping around no more😏

  3. Don’t understand how you can go to completely in love with someone then move on like a month later like she married him then acted like it was nothing

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