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List of Hollywood Actors You Didn’t Know Weren’t Americans (Part:1)

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Celebrity News Today Presents:
List of Hollywood Actors You Didn’t Know Weren’t Americans (Part:1)

Some actors genuinely surprise us when we find out they weren’t born and raised in the United States. Pulling off a proper American accent is half the battle, and shying away from TV interviews also has a lot to do with it. But a lot of the time, the characters are so iconically American that the actor becomes synonymous with the performance, tricking us into believe that they were American all along. After all, isn’t that what a great performance is supposed to do? So it’s no mistake that many of these actors are working at the top of their class.

– List of Hollywood Actors With Nationality (Hollywood Breaking News):

Actor Name: Alan Rickman
Nationality: BRITISH

Actor Name: Anthony Hopkins
Nationality: BRITISH

Actor Name: Alfred Molina
Nationality: BRITISH

Actor Name: Andrew Lincoln
Nationality: BRITISH

Actor Name: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Nationality: Austria

Actor Name: Albert Finney
Nationality: BRITISH

Actor Name: Alec Guinness
Nationality: BRITISH

Actor Name: Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Nationality: BRITISH

Actor Name: Alexander Skarsgard
Nationality: SWEDISH

Actor Name: Bill Nighy
Nationality: BRITISH

Actor Name: Benedict Cumberbatch
Nationality: BRITISH

Actor Name: Benicio Del Toro
Nationality: PUERTO RICAN

Nationality: GERMANY

So who’s your favorite Hollywood non-American actor? Let us know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “List of Hollywood Actors You Didn’t Know Weren’t Americans (Part:1)

  1. With Albert Finney you should have used Erin Brokovitch, it was masterful, he should have got the award for best actor instead of Julia Roberts best actress. Yes i know they both could have.

  2. Nice video, but i must get around because I knew everyone of them were not Americans. I think technically Bruce Wilis is American Nationality. He was born in Germany, his father was an American soldier stationed in Germany. He could become President 🙂

  3. Really?, ummmm, #SirAlecGuinness…. #SirAnthonyHopkins, #DameJudyDench, oh, and really, ‘Arnold & a lot of actors have an accent(UK, Austrian, Scottish, Irish)the only non Americans, that, are hard to tell is, #Canadians..

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