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Ross Butler’s Relationship Status REVEALED!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, please listen up, I have some very Happy news this Friday and it has to do with ‘13 Reasons Why’ actor Ross Butler and whether or not he is single or taken!

How’s it going everyone, Sussan Mourad here on Clevver News and Ross Butler is getting candid about his current relationship status!

We all know Ross Butler as the OG Reggie from ‘Riverdale’ and as Zach Dempsey in the ’13 reasons why’ franchise. We also know Ross Butler as an eligible bachelor we’d all like the opportunity to date!

OH is that just me…okay…

So does the title of “eligible bachelor” still ring true for Ross Butler??

Well….. YES IT DOES, at least from everything we can gather from his social media. No signs of a Significant Other and it sounds like Ross confirmed this news! He is a single man, but before you get too excited… Ross is pretty much dating his exploding career!

The man has a lot of things currently going on in his career. The third season of “Thirteen Reasons Why” literally just dropped… he officially joined the DC movie universe as Eugene in “Shazam” annnddd he’s in a little Netflix movie called “To All The Boys: P.S. I love you.”

Yeah, Ross and Noah sharing the same screen at the same time… SWOON!

Clearly, Ross’ plate is full, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t LOOKING for love!

Ross opened up to Cosmopolitan saying: “For a long time, I made a conscious decision not to date. I think you need to take time to focus on yourself, especially in your early- to mid-20s. I wanted to be emotionally set and get my career going before I got into anything serious. Now I think I have a good foundation, and somebody I bring into my life could teach me things and help me branch out.”

And like many of us single people… Ross is on some popluar dating apps!

In May 2018 he partnered with Bumble writing on IG: Just heard about @Bumble and figured I’d give it a shot. Being forever alone just doesn’t have the same appeal now that I’m one year closer to raising 12 dogs by myself on a farm

Ahh one sec. Just gotta make sure my Bumble account is activated… check!

Now if you really want to grab Ross’ attention, there are a few key things he is looking for. Ross told Cosmo: “If I meet a girl who can talk video games, guitar, cooking, or good books, it’s a huge turn-on.”

You heard the man… go grab a guitar or a book and that game controller!

Right now I need to know what you think about Ross Butler being single AND being on Bumble! Are you surprised he isn’t taken yet? Also, what would be your pickup line for Ross if you slide into his DMs? Let me know in the comments below!

After that you can click the subscribe button to keep up with all that’s going on here at clevver news and click the bell so you know everytime we post! Since I gave you some of the best news ever this Friday… why don’t you give this video a thumbs up and chill for a bit and catch this video right over here!
Thanks for hanging with me, I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll catch you later.

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