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Adele Is Divorced & Ready To Return To Music!

More Celebrity News ►► Okay everyone, it’s time to grab some ice cream, think sad thoughts, and end up crying in the shower because Adele should be releasing music sometime before the end of the year What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and a source

Adele Hilariously FREAKS OUT Over A Mosquito During Her Concert

More Celebrity News ►► Adele battled a ruthless enemy while performing onstage last night in Australia and came out victorious. And by battle, I mean that a mosquito was trying to end her life and she freaked out. Adele was been through the ringer when it comes to fighting animals

DIY SLIME TEST (Completely Weekly)

More Celebrity News ►► On today’s episode of Completely Weekly we’re talking about the cash me outside girl coming for the Kardashians, making DIY slime and discussing Donald Trump’s decision to change transgender bathroom laws. Cash Me Outside Vs. the Kardashian sisters - O:52 Oscars Predictions – 6:23 Mariah Carey Claims

5 Times Adele Proved She’s Beyonce’s Biggest Fan

More Celebrity News ►► We’ve got 5 times Adele proved she’s Beyonce’s biggest fan- right here on LISTED! 1- Rolling Stone article in 2011 talking their meeting/ 2011 interview 2- 2015 Beats 1 interview, cleared up rumor she turned Bey down 3- Lemonade came out, Adele worships Bey on Instagram 4- Calls Beyonce

Beyonce vs. Adele: Who Will RULE 2017 Grammy Awards?

Today’s episode is brought to you by the Un-carrier. Introducing T-Mobile One. All unlimited. ALL IN! Celebrity News ►► Let’s make one thing very clear. You cannot compare Beyonce and Adele. They are musical giants in their own right. Both have incredible voices and great music. It’s like