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Taylor Swift Turns Into “DRUNK TAYLOR” & Begins Trending On Twitter!

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This weekend something magnificent happened. Something that I have been waiting for since the days of “drinking beer in plastic cups” and “whiskey on ice”. Taylor Swift got drunk, danced like no one was watching and it was all caught on camera!!!
What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here and wait, hold my beer, Taylor Swift said that she, too, will have a hot girl summer!

She threw a party Saturday night to celebrate the people who helped put together the ME! and “You Need To Calm Down” music videos

And on the guestlist was Pete Wentz

Laverne Cox and Hannah Hart

Hayley Kioko and Justin Mikita

Annnnd of course Pete Davidson’s ex girlfriend slash perpetually unbothered cool girl Cazzie David

And you know what? We learned a lot from drunk Taylor.

Like she’s really into interpretive dance

She LOVES Cardi B!

And maybe we already knew this, but she cleans up really well.

Like, rocks a Versace suit at the Teen Choice Awards the day after Drunk Taylor began trending!

The party was at Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles, which FYI I will now be scoping out every day in hopes of getting a drunk Taylor sighting.

And yes, she knows “drunk Taylor” is trending.
On Sunday she posted these photos along with the caption “threw a party to celebrate with the people who made the ME! & YNTCD videos with me – and we had so much fun that “drunk taylor” is trending on Twitter. CHEERS. 😆🍾👍👏”

And the people of Twitter only had good things to say! Like this fan who Tweeted “I really feel like drunk Taylor compliments all the other girls in the bathroom”

Or Taylor Swift is going to wake up and see herself trending again. At least she knows we love her both drunk and sober sksksks

I’m just saying if she wants to have a 21+ secret session, don’t forget to add me to the guestlist.
I am so living for this new drunk taylor era and I know that any time from now on if I’m having a bad day, I will revert back to this meme.

But let’s hear from you guys. Do you love drunk Taylor as much as I do? And what did YOU learn about taylor in seeing this? Sound off in the comment section below.

Then why not keep them taylor good vibes going by hitting that subscribe button. I know on Mondays, things move a little slower than usual. So I’ll wait.

Also you may as well hit the bell while you’re there because if you don’t its kind of like getting a burger without the fries. That probably makes no sense but now I’m feeling hungry. This is where you’ll catch up on all the latest tea. I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll catch you later.

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5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Turns Into “DRUNK TAYLOR” & Begins Trending On Twitter!

  1. Since when did Brendon Urie become Pete Wentz?… I wasn’t even watching the clip, only the audio and knew that was wrong🤦🏻‍♀️ lol

  2. Kindly correct this weirdness! Pete Wentz is not Brendon Urie! Dammit Beebo this is your fault! You introduce your self as Pete now they think you are Pete Wentz from My chemical romance!

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